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I've only posted a few times in this DDC, but wanted to announce the birth of our little boy, Henry. 8 lbs., 12 oz., and 21" long.

He was born at home on Tuesday (the day after his due date) after a 65-hour labor (our midwife said it was the longest one she's ever seen), lengthened by posterior position and a very stubborn cervical lip. Despite the length, the labor and birth were a really positive experience (easier than I expected labor to be, actually) and we're already talking baby #2.
Besides, now I don't have to pretend to be impressed by anyone else's labor horror stories.

I'm so glad we decided on a home birth--no doctor in his right mind would have let me labor that long without serious interventions and probably a c-section. My midwife was amazing--the baby never showed any signs of distress, so she just kept coming up with new tricks to try to help my labor along, and never mentioned transferring--I think that would have really damaged my confidence if she had.

Recovery has been great--I had one tiny tear that didn't need stitches, and besides a little bit of soreness, feel totally back to normal already. Never needed the peri bottle or all the witch hazel pads I froze. Nursing is going very well, and we're having a wonderful time adjusting to life as a family. (I'm typing with Henry sleeping peacefully in his Moby Wrap--such a wonderful feeling.)
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