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Her eczema is going away! Again!

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In case you're looking for help with eczema, I thought I'd share what we're doing. (She still bfs a lot.)

We both eliminated:
Salicylates -- huge list of foods!

We added:
Borage (refridgerated capsules)
Flax/Borage mix (Barlean's refridgerated)
Cod Liver Oil (peach flavored refridgerated)

After adding those things to our diet for a couple of weeks, we were just about completely clear when she had her 2nd birthday. For that day, I had decided on a "what the heck" food day, complete with orange juice, waffles, stawberries, grapes, lasagne, pasta salad, whatever .... thinking that she is 2 for goodness sake and hasn't been able to try much fun food. We could make an exception for that one special day, right? I anticipated a huge breakout, of course. Nothing. She's just the same as if she hadn't eaten anything on the NO list.

We're still not big fans of soy or any of the other eliminated foods, but after that response I've been really relaxing on the diet. And her skin is really, really good. Almost entirely clear.

It seems eczema can be a very fickle beast, but that's probably because it's so misunderstood. In any case, my own conclusion here is that something on that list of things we've added has made the difference for us....for now!

Thank you to all the wonderful folks who have been and are battling eczema and have shared their findings here. You're a tremendous source of support and healing.

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That's so interesting! I did a strict elimination diet for 4 weeks (dd was exclusively breastfed), then I ate 1 ounce of dark chocolate I sweetened myself with brown rice syrup. DD's face broke out! At 6 weeks I had my first NMT session, and I noticed I could eat 1 square of chocolate and her face would be okay. I'm not sure it was due to the NMT though, because her face will now break out if I eat dairy-milk or whipping cream or ice cream, and supposedly she was treated for dairy allergy with the NMT. I can also eat more chocolate now-and her face will still be okay.

We also added cod liver oil, Udo's oil, & probiotics. I'm basically off the diet and am not as vigilant with the oil & probiotics as I was. I never added back in foods one at a time systemically like one is supposed to.

Dairy is the one thing that she clearly has a reaction to... at least now... although interestingly the first time I ate uncooked dairy after getting off the elimination diet was at a birthday party where it was used to frost the cake-and I ate 2 big pieces-no reaction. But then when I bought some whipping cream and ate it with fruit-big reaction, which fruit alone didn't cause. I agree that ezcema's causes can certainly be elusive. Of course, perhaps the triggers would be clearer if I had done the re-introduction of foods in a more organized way!
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I don't know... I think with food "intolerances" that I guess is what is happening to us (as I tried to say in this thread:

it's like the bucket analogy: if you are close to the top, just one small thing will cause it to spill over >> but if you are starting with an empty bucket, you can eat a bunch of things without seeing a reaction. Better digestion equals a larger bucket.

I think I need to go to sleep now.
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