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Herbal Holiday Gift Ideas

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I was hoping to pool our creativity in herbal crafts so that we can share this information. I've been making herbal gifts for several years now and could really use some new ideas. Here are some of mine:

Flavored honey - (this one's easy!!)
-put 1-2 drops of tangerine or orange pure essential oil in honey and decorate jar.

Edible Lip Gloss
-5 parts oil (grapeseed, olive, almond, coconut, etc) to 1 part beeswax. Melt together over low heat, never boil. Pour into sterile containers (1/2oz is good). Add a drop of peppermint or tangerine essential oil. Optional: cook not boil small amount of alkanet root in the oil you are using about 15 min, it will turn the color a lovely dark red.

Relaxing Bath Salts
-1 cup epsom salts, 1/2 cup borax, 1/4 cup dry milk (optional, makes it milky), 1/4 cup groung whole oats, 2 tblsp lavendar flowers or rose petals, 10 drops essential oil of your choice, I like rosemary and ylang ylang.

Your ideas are most appreciated!!!!
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i just got a book full of herbal/potpourri type ideas. one i am contemplating is called an herbal bath scrub. you take a washcloth and fill it with shaved unscented soap, an herbal mix consisting of lavender flowers, hops, rose geranium leaves, and chamomile flowers (or whatever mix youlike, this was just the examole) and, oatmeal. place some of the herbal mix, oatmeal, and soap shavings in the center of the washcloth. gather up the coners and tie it with heavy string or decorative cord. you reuse it until the soap stops suddsing then you simply dump out the old stuff and fill it with new. the book says if you're giving it as a gift to also give some refill mix for whoever you're giving it to. what do you think of this idea?
That's a unique bath product! I might just try it. I only have a few relatives who are into baths and they probably have a lifetime supply of bath salts by now!! But I'm always looking for something new and that sounds great, even if it's just for me!
Thanks, Mary
mary, actually it isn't salt, it's more of an herbal use it like one of those scrubbies only the stuff is inside it...does that make any sense? anyway, just thought i'd clarify a little.
This year I want to try making pomanders - oranges with whole cloves stuck in them. I think that they smell sooooo good.
Essentail oil mists are nice. Fill a glass spray bottle (4-6 oz. works well) with distilled water. Add drops of one or more essential oils. Try different combinations, such as lavendar/peppermint, or orange/sandalwood. Start with just one drop of each, mist the air in front of your face and see if that's enough. Add another drop and test again until it's "just right". That's all. These are great refereshers, keep one in the car, by the computer, etc. My daughter kept a bottle of peppermint mist in the fridge all summer, used it to cool herself off. (not necessary to refrigerate, though)
I like to make herb butter, needs to be in the fridge, but yummm. Basically put some garlic, herbs and room temp. butter in the food processor, blend until smooth. Give with a loaf of homemade bread.

Herb vinegar. Put a few cloves of garlic and herbs in a jar of vinegar, let sit in the sun for a few weeks. Strain and add new herbs (to look pretty), decorate the bottle. Include a fav. recipe for salad dressing.

Love all the other ideas.
I use essential oils to scent almost anything from lotions, to laundry soap, to dryer sachets etc...

I've made bath fizzies with herbs, colored and scented soaps with herbs and E.O.'s and salves, perfumes, linnen sprays, powders, carpet fresheners,
Chanley used her lavender in baking cookies,
massage bars, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, massage oils, shampoo spray...on and on the list goes!
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