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hi, some of you know this cuz i have posted about it a couple times , but here i am at day 6 of a mild concussion and i am still out of it. simple tasks wear me out. i am prone to anxiety normally but this thing seems to be making anxiety worse for me. just typing that last sentence is making me tremble a little!

my head still hurts a little , and i feel drugged. like i am high, dazed, a little. if i stay busy with something i forget about it and feel better but the moment i slow down i realise how out of it i am and i begin to panic. i am afraid i have brain damage. i am afraid i have started bleeding in there and will die. you name it and i am freaking out about it. i have talked to a nurse today , and one last night. they just say if i have worsening symptoms to go back in tot he ER but i am not sure when things are worsening cuz the anxiety makes me nauseated i think, and its not the same as the concussion making me nauseated ( which i would have to go back for)

being on the internet is the best thing i have found to distract myself. all i want to do is watch TV but i dont want DS watching so i have to do this instead. DH is home , so they are playing and i can just sit here.

please relate your concussion experiences to me. did you feel like this? today i cooked dinner and did dishes and started making cookies with DS (mainly cuz i am so sick of sitting) and that wore me completely out and i began another panic attack. i have trouble focusing but its not so bad that other people notice. also have probs thinking of words, but agiain its slight, so that only i notice it. i hit the top and back area of my head on my frige BTW for those who dont know. i was cleaning it and stood up real fast and wacked it.

i appreciate any advice and especially just want to know how normal this is, i am so tired of being so scared.
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