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Not sure if this is cold/flu.. I just know I feel very very yucky
I really like drinking tea when I'm sick but I just don't know whats safe. Is there a specific herbal tea that will help my symptoms and be safe during pregnancy? Especially if its traditional medicinals brand, since thats easy to find.

This is the absolute WORST timing for this. ugh. dh is leaving for germany tomorrow and will be gone for a week. So I'm going to be all alone with a toddler when I can't even stand to move
Today at least I could stay in bed/on the couch and have dh deal with dd (and send him to whole foods 4x at my every whim) but come tomorrow.. I'm on my own. I really really hope I feel somewhat better tomorrow.

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Earlier this pregnancy I caught a small cold and drank an apple cider vinegar mixture and drank it throughout the day for about 1 week-

3 C hot water
1/4 C raw apple cider vinegar
1-3 Tbs raw honey
juice from 1 lemon

I also drink a tea/infusion with rosehips and elderberries sweetened with more raw honey. I'm drinking it right now because we are all getting over that really nasty stomach bug- diarrhea and vomiting

Get plenty of homemade stock, it helps to replenish nutrients and tastes yummy

And if you are having troubles with your sinuses, the neti pot feels amazing. It's also a good idea to clean out your sinuses every so often even when you aren't sick to keep them clean.

Taking a nice relaxing warm bath with epsom salt is a nice treat when you feel yucky.

Hope you feel better!!
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