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Hi all - I've been away for a while - too busy w/ work, some intense family drama and my wedding ceremony (two weeks away - 170 people in our backyard!!!) and the computer crashed...anyway, I thought I'd share this resource... (organic or wildcrafted) is where I get my herbs in bulk (currently I get Nettles, Red Rasberry Leaf, Alfalfa and Rosehips). I put 2 cups of the Nettles and 2 cups of RRL and one cup each of the others into a big ziplock bag and mix it up well. Then I make a tonic - put 2 small handfulls into a teapot (abt. 32 oz) and let that sit for at least 4 hours but usually more like 8 hours or overnight. Then I strain it and put it into a container and refrigerate it. I do this every morning so I have one to drink during the day and one steeping.

If you'd like to read about all of the vitamins and minerals herbs have to offer, look up Susan Weed - she's the guru of using herbs to heal and has a special book about herbs and childbirth.
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