Blue Circle Seafood offers sustainable seafood options
If you're looking for delicious, sustainable Smoked Salmon and Shrimp
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Holiday gatherings may look different this year, but they are still a time to celebrate the love and joy we have in our lives. One thing never changes-the delectable holiday dishes we create for family and friends. As we're always looking for ways to make the world a better place, we continuously search for sustainable and responsible products to love. And that's precisely what Blue Circle Foods offers.

Why Seafood?
Sustainable Salmon is a good source of protein

Millions of people worldwide eat mostly seafood diets, and it's no secret why. Seafood is a lean protein that gives big boosts of omega-3s, the super-polyunsaturated fats that you can find in fish oil. Our bodies don't naturally create omega-3s, so they're typically obtained from the oils of foods like fish, nuts, plants, soybeans and flax. These polyunsaturated fats don't just help different parts of the body do their jobs better-they also protect against heart disease and stroke, certain cancers and neurological diseases, and help build brain cells. In addition, fish is generally lower in saturated fats than other meats. Many mamas look to fish as a quality brain-building protein for their families. Wisely though, they also worry about the sustainability of one of the earth's most precious resources.

Why Sustainable Seafood?

When we as a human race find a good thing, we tend to try to take as much of it as we can and make it ours. Sadly, overfishing to meet demand has drastically impacted life in our oceans. Over 31% of the world's fish stocks are already classified as overfished and another 58% of the world's fish stocks are considered fully fished.

That's why responsible sourcing and sustainability of well-managed wild and farmed fish can help reduce the strain on wild populations and, in turn, support healthier oceans worldwide.

That's good news for everyone.

Aquaculture: Not Your Old-School Farmed Seafood

When seafood manufacturers began realizing their supply was being overfished and therefore reducing profit, some pretty sketchy farming practices came into play. Many of these farms' main goal was to create more fish for a bigger profit, and that's never a good incentive for protecting consumers or our oceans.

But that's what makes Blue Circle Foods different. Founded in 2005, they have deep roots in the organic industry. They wanted to create real solutions that not only help save fish and oceans for our children's children, but also provide sustainable seafood for generations to come.
Feel Good About Farmed Fish

The bottom line is that not all farmed fish is created equally (nor is wild-caught, for that matter). It's only through sustainable practices, fair labor initiatives, and partnerships with family farms that employ innovative aquaculture practices that we can save our oceans and continue to enjoy the many health benefits (and delicious taste) of seafood. Blue Circle Arctic Salmon is certified by trusted third-party organizations and raised in deep water, spacious pens. The salmon is raised without any chemical parasiticides or copper treated nets and fed sustainable ingredients like microalgae and recycled trimmings to reduce environmental impact and boost omega-3 content.

All Blue Circle products have no preservatives, fillers, additives, antibiotics, added hormones, GMOs or synthetic colorants - nothing but sustainably sourced seafood from farmers and fishermen committed to preserving our oceans and marine life.

But Why Frozen Seafood?

We know, we know…you may think, "But how can it be high-quality if it's frozen? The answer rests in how it's frozen, and Blue Circle does it right. They use flash-freezing to preserve the fish just moments after it's caught. This locks in flavor and nutrients and allows the fish to be priced more affordably for all to enjoy. Frozen seafood makes it super convenient to easily store fish and use just the portion you need to feed your family. Mamas love it for just that reason-meal planning is a breeze!

We spoke to Nina Damato at Blue Circle Foods. She's not just the product director of a successful company, but a mother of two young children herself. Nina said that right now, families are juggling a lot of responsibilities at home and it's challenging to prepare healthy meals every day. Having sustainably sourced and healthy frozen seafood on hand means families always have a convenient source of protein available.
Sustainable seafood is full of nutrition

Nina says, "It's our goal at Blue Circle Foods to help make sustainable seafood more accessible, while protecting vulnerable wild fish stocks. Our salmon and shrimp are raised using innovative practices that eschew antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs and synthetic pigments. We ensure 100 percent traceability, third-party certification and peace of mind. The end result is certified sustainable salmon that is exceptionally high in omega-3s and free from contaminants."

(Fun fact: Nina's mother is James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award winner Chef Nora Pouillon. Many of her recipes featuring Blue Circle products can be found on their website.)

Deck The Halls With Shrimp And Salmon

Nina also shared that there's nothing more versatile than smoked salmon and shrimp when it comes to holiday entertaining. Holiday entertaining may not look the same this year, but we can still prepare delicious seafood and elevate even the smallest of gatherings. If you need some inspiration, Blue Circle has lots of great recipes on its website.

Blue Circle Arctic Smoked Salmon is a sustainable smoked salmon that comes sliced and ready to eat, full of protein, omega-3s and antioxidants. There's no sugar or added preservatives, and it's free from antibiotics, GMOs, added hormones and synthetic colorants.
sustainable seafood improves health

Their new Pacific White Shrimp is raised according to high ecological standards in a remote coastal region of Ecuador. It helps preserve the environment and support local rural communities, and it provides a tasty and affordable choice for families to indulge in shrimp. Forrest Gump knew what he was talking about when it comes to shrimp, and this delectable seafood can be steamed, grilled or paired with salad or pasta.

Eating seafood makes us feel good, but we also want to feel good because we buy sustainable seafood that preserves our oceans and fish for generations to come. We love that Blue Circle Foods offers affordable, delicious seafood that's good for our families and the planet too.

Because it's never too soon to start giving holiday gifts, Blue Circle Foods is offering a 20% discount with the code HOLIDAY20 at checkout. So get on over and start stocking up. Your friends and family will be thrilled, and our oceans will be thankful too.