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Here in S. Vermont: AP Playgroup? LLL

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Well, we're here now. We're living in Manchester temporarily until our NY home sells and we buy a Vermont one.

So can someone share some info about the playgroup I've seen mentioned here? I've attended a library hour and have been to the Jungle Gym. Both are great but I'm looking for some BF'ing, AP momma's. I've heard the LLL in Bennington is extinct? Please tell me no
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Bennington LLL is extinct. We could never get enough interest to keep it going. You can drive to the Rutland one though I've heard it has a good following. Northshire Bookstore has a group for babies/toddlers so check there. Bennington MOM to MOM group is very crunchy if you want to come to that let me know by PM and I will get you the contact info. I also have the info for all the playgroups in Bennington if you want that too. Enjoy our good weather!
There is a wonderful Waldorf inspired play group in Chester at the Songyard (above The Moondog Cafe & Natural Food Market) on Friday mornings. There is a playgroup at 8:30 and one at 10:30, depending on what time is best for you. Very open space with lots of beautiful wooden toys, etc... Some really fun moms attend this group as too! It's only $3.00 each time you go.
The Rutland LLL is alive and well! Come visit the 1st Wed of the month at 10:30 at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Rutland. (this wed.)
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