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We aren't there yet, since our oldest is only 2 1/2, but we do plan on homeschooling through the summer. I've already got a rough plan, since I'm an anal freak about these things.

We will spend 2 days at our homeschool coop, where the kids can do what they like, take whatever classes they want/hang out with everyone else, etc. 3 days a week will be spent in Charlotte Mason-style homeschooling (done before noon, afternoons free). One day a week will be used for field trips. one day will be unplanned, 'cause dh only gets one full day off a week.

I figure this is relaxed enough to go year-round without burn-out, yet still packed with enough learning opportunities to cover everything we will want to accomplish. And the coop doesn't meet in the summer, so there will be an additional 2 days a week during those months to do whatever we feel like doing.
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