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I've just recently decided to homeschool my soon to be 5 year old, but we're starting now!

I figured why wait for fall? I talked to DS when making the decision to homeschool and he's excited about it right now so I figure "Strike the hammer while iron is hot."

I figure we'll take breaks when we need them..maybe a week here or two days there KWIM?

What I am wondering is how to handle the "Attendence Record" issue. My state requires I maintain an attendence record for my home schooling child, and that we basically follow the same schedule as the public school and have class on at least as many days as they do.

Frankly I'm tempted to just record our "off days" as "present and schooling" since I'm sure we'll be learning plenty on thoses...or at least as much as kids learn on movie and party days in school.

Any thoughts? How do those of you required to take attendence handle this?
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