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ekblad8, :LOL, I know that too! But I always come back. I do get a lot of good advice -- it's OK, I think, if I stick mostly to looking for something specific, and maybe doing my "hanging out" at places like this -- forums where maybe I might be able to help out, rather than in a place like, say, TAO.

I'm not sure how I'm going to schedule my time. We only "do kidschool" in the mornings anyway, and we don't usually do 5 days a week (though sometimes, ds wants to do it every day). We're not in a terribly hot part of the world, though it does get humid here, so I am trying to decide if maybe we should do afternoon school in the summer, morning in the winter, and take our time off during the nice weather in spring/fall. My oldest is 5.5, now, so I'm not so worried about having to figure it out *right now*. I think it makes sense to work through the summer if that's what you want to do.
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