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Us too!! Us too!!

We love schooling year round, as each of us has a favorite season-and we don't all love the extreme summer heat. Taking a nature walk, plopping down and reading a book is a great educational,fun thing to do in the Fall. PLaying for hours in the snow,studying snow flakes, and shoveling snow is so valuable in learning/enforcing work ethics,generosity, and is awesome physical fitness!!
Planting and maintaining a flower/vege garden is science at it's best.

Right now, dd has vacation Bible camp AND swimteam. She leaves at nine AM, comes home to change in to her suit,comes back to change and eat, then back to VBC-VBC and SWim are all w/i a *very* close walking distance. She is soo exhausted right now, that I just have her do 1 page of math,30 mins of reading, and that is it.

When she just has swimteam(for a few more weeks), she gets up and plays outside or veges reading or watching tv. After swimteam,we do 30 mins math,20mins english, religion for 20mins, then she reads either a living history book or living science book for 30 mins. Everday is art day-we just finished having some friends over and they painted clay pots, then planted flowers. Her neighborhood friends love to come over and work loing division w/sidewalk chalk. (THey are a little older and keep my "know-it -all" on her toes :LOL ) She usually reads an extra 30mins of a chapter book she is working on.

We have a major clean up,then go swimming in the very late afternoon-4:30-6:30. It screws up summer bedtime, but if she gets to bed late, she'll sleep in, and what doesn't get done, is still there the next day.

I have to keep an attendance record also, but am not required to stick with the district's schedule. As long as we school for the required # of hours per school year, they don't care.

I am finding that a lot of "go to school kids" in our neighborhood aren't available during the day, as they are off to activities,camps,summer vacations. And a lot of our HS friends actually do the same. So having dd not be able to play until after 3:30 isn't a biggy.

I tweak our schedule so much all year round, and it seems to be good-as long as it fits our whole family.

Keep on,keeping on Ekblad8!!

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