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here's her announcement!!

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there will be an accent on her name (Michele has an accent grave on the first e) but otherwise this is it!!

whaddya think??
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Ooh I think it's beautiful! I love the photo you picked for the main one. See? Waiting and taking your time paid off...
oh i love it. that middle picture is soo soo cute!!

LOL that one CRACKS me UP when i see it!! LMAO
LOL that one CRACKS me UP when i see it!! LMAO
Hehe that one in the middle on the right where she's staring into the camera is so cute
Too cute! Too cute! I love the pics you chose, and even the way they are arranged is perfect! That middle pic - "whachu lookin' at?!"
michele - i love it!!! great job in picking those pictures out!
LOL i didn't!! i sent them like 9 pics and they chose them. HAHAHA!!
awwww, sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is beautiful
*She* is beautiful!!

I just recommended that site to my friend who had her baby 2 weeks ago - the announcements are just gorgeous! I am glad their customer support is good, too.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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