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but he can't even crawl yet.

he rolls everywhere, and now he is pulling himself up and trying to hoist those chunk munchkin legs up too.

he is falling all the time now as well.

is there a toy er something that he can pull himself up on that's not gonna tip over or tip him over. our couch is a rocking couch, it's not very stabile. and our coffee table, well, doesn't exist.

any ideas?
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Not sure what to suggest, but I'm the mama of a climber too. She started climbing around 4 months, a few weeks after she started combat crawling (very slowly and un-coordinated- took 10 min to get about 30 cm ahead). She wasn't even sitting unasisted at the time (not until a few weeks ago, in fact), and she also didn't start crawling until recently. We spent a lot of time on the sofa, she'd climb on the back of it, I'd keep her safe. We've got the washing rack behind the sofa, so she loved climbing on that. I was a bit stuck there, but DD doesn't like that I leave her anyway.
i had a little girl i looked after who couldnt walk yet but who could climb up screen doors! it was crazy, had to watch her like a hawk.

How about a stack of floor cusions? Poppy likes to pull up a bit on ours, one of the reasons i got them is that they are so great to arange into things like steps. Even a firm pile of blankets or something, or a landry basket weighed down with something. I know you can buy toys that they can pull up with, but the ones i have seen are those big fisher price style monstrosities, i wouldnt get one as they are expensive and take up a lot of room.
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I'm a mama of a climber too. It just started. Last week I went to the bathroom, came out and couldn't find him. I was looking all over, and started getting really scared because seriously, how far could he go by himself? He climbed up on one of the shelves of our entertainment center, so he was kind of hidden!! I couldn't believe it. He was going after the plug and wires from the tv. Now, we have to get a new entertainment center, because I don't feel safe enough with it.

I don't know what to do either. He bonks his head ALL the time now. I can't rubber proof the whole house. What do you do? We have all hardwood floors and have a play mat made of the foam blocks, but he sure doesn't stay on those for long.

I hope someone has some ideas. The floor cusions isn't a bad idea, but I doubt it would keep his attention for very long.
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