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DS hasn't gotten sick much in his 10 mos. This cold is hanging on for dear life though. He has a runny nose (which I attributed to the 4 teeth coming in) but it's gone from clear to yellow and green. Now he's coughing and has a rattling in his chest.

We don't have insurance so taking him to the dr. is very expensive and usually ends in them telling me to give him ibprofen and keep him hydrated and then charging me an arm and a leg.

So I want to avoid the Dr. and figure a way to get my little guy better. Can I just let it run its course? Or should I suck it up and take him to the dr.? If I can just let it run, is there anything I can do to try and speed recovery?

Few more facts: He doesn't have a fever. He's eating fine. He has normal energy. He's just runny nosed and coughing.
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