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He's head down with a mind of his own!!!

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Just got home from my 32wk appointment - my MW says that the baby is head down now which is great! He is also measuring a little a head now (was behind up until now) so I was excited for him and also happy that he shared some of my weight gain

He was sooo funny too. MW could NOT get his heart beat (for a while) b/c everytime she tried to listen he moved away.
I think he knows mommy and poppy though b/c whenever we touch my belly or gently push on it he kicks back (instead of moving away)..

...just felt happy and wanted to share with someone!!! ..he is sooo cute I cannot wait to meet him!!! 4wks and it is safe for him to be born (but I think 9wks until he actually comes
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Sounds like you had a great appointment! Congratulations!
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That's great! We just had our 36 week home visit and found out our little one is FINALLY head down! Our babe seems a little shy too. It is all so exciting! Best wishes to you!
Oh how exciting!
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