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He's IN He's IN He's IN!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm SOOOOO excited I had to come post!!!! DS1 is IN the school I wanted for kindy!!!!!

We were #1 on the waiting list 2 weeks ago, they said they had somebody verbally tell them they were not coming, were waiting on the signed official form, would let me know in "a week or two"

I waited the full two weeks because we had 4 days of no school in there for the kids and I don't know what, if any, of them the secretary was working.

I made a *very useful* phone call this morning--they had sent me the letter and for some reason I never received it!
I drove over there and signed the form. HE IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy for you! Hope it is all you are wanting - and more!
Hooray! I felt the same way when DS got into the school we wanted to enroll him in

And here 3 years later we couldn't be happier! Congrats!
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Congratulations!! Good thing you made that call!
I know how you feel! Congratulations.
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