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He's not a baby anymore!

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I gave Corbin his first haircut this morning. I didn't want to cut off those adorable little ringlets, but they've been getting in his face and getting tangled and I could tell it was bothering him. So I trimmed just about an inch off the longer bits.

I saved all the hair in a sandwich bag. I didn't expect to be so sad to see those beautiful little blond curls sitting in a plastic bag! And then I looked at him and realized that without the ringlets, he didn't look like a baby anymore. He looks like a little boy. I took him to daycare and the two 7-year-old boys greeted him with "Hey, Corbin got a haircut! Look at you, handsome!"

But it still makes me sad to see my 16-month-old looking like a regular little person instead of my sweet baby.
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