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He's potty learning this week...ANYONE ELSE??? SUPPORT please....long...

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PLease bear with me. I WANT to be positive about this, but I am honestly struggling and could use some support.

~History......We adopted a puppy 3 months week after I nightweaned ds. Chloe(puppy) was 12 weeks old. She is now 6 mos old(lg breed) and she has been constantly sick....we've yet to go 1 week w/o her vomitting,or having explosive loose stools. She has been diagnosed with food allergies and IBS. Actually she threw up today, but it was small, and today is day 7 of her record. I have done TONS AND TONS of gross laundry as you might have guessed. We have her on a "clean" diet, and she is improving.

~During all of this time, I am struggling with recovery from sleep deprivation,and committed to washing ds's cloth dipes. MORE GROSS LAUNDRY!!

~I have endometriosis, and cannot have anymore dc-ds is my last baby.

~I have recently changed dd's HSing curricula, and it is way more time consuming.

~PRESENT- Ds has decide that *THIS* IS THE WEEK THAT HE WANTS TO POTTY LEARN. And man has he been accident in 48 hours!!!!! He has even pooped twice in the toilet! Refuses to wear a dipe. (I had to wait till he was asleep tonight to put his dipe on-and MAN will I pay for THAT when he wakes up and discovers he is in a dipe!!!)

I could care less if he learns this week or not.......I really don't mind his dipe washing-as long as I catch his poops fairly soon before they squish! But dh and dd are VERY encouraging, dh thinnks this is a good thing-it will lessen my "load"(HA! I made a pun!!!) and will, by mid-summer,make my life easier with both puppy and ds and dd-all adjusting to our new positions/growths in life.

PLease share with me YOUR stories!! Everytime dd goes into the potty, he wants no less than 4 books read to him......fine, except I have dd at the table waiting for me to correct her spelling, puppy wanting us to "reunite" with the pack-and so is barking loudly!!!!!

Tommorrow(crap,I always spell that wrong!) I am going to fill the bathroom sink with warm water and Lavender Aromatherapy everytime he goes inthere-at least I will be relaxed-when coming back out!!! LOL!!!!!


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Good grief mama you're busy!

When my dd decided to potty train it was all or nothing, she went on a diaper boycott but it took her a week after the diaper boycott to actually use the toilet so I get you on the messes/icky laundry! And I don't even have a puppy, sorry she is sick but glad you figured out what is wrong.

As for reading afterwards that's a tough one, my dd was happy putting a sticker on the calendar. I hope someone else has some suggestions.
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We are potty learning, too. DD wants to take dance lessons but around here they require the kids to be without diapers. She is doing pretty well so far except for pooping...she asks for a diaper when she has to poop!

I got some poster board, stickers and made a "potty" chart. 12 stickers gets her something special (color book, plastic bracelet, toenails painted, hot wheels car, etc. from the dollar store). Dd chose the stickers and the special somethings. She likes putting up the stickers and so far this seems to be motivating her.
LOL!!!!!! No,ds doesn't get books read to him *after* he "potties".......he demands that I read to him *WHILE* he "potties*!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!

We don't do sticker charts (so far!) at our house.......he is being motivated by his own desire and will.

Though I must say, I sorta feel manipulated by his demands of no less than 4 books....most of the time he pees......but insists I keep reading,etc.....

update though......he has had only 1 *real* pee accident.....and is now telling us ahead of time when he has to for pooping.....his 3rd time doing it on the toilet happened AFTER I had wallked out of the bathroom....thinking he was done....dd comes screaming in to me, that there was poop everywhere! And there really was. He pooped in the toilet, and tried wiping himself! I will spare you the grosser details,but it was DISCUSTING!!

And now he doesn't want to poop in the toilet! I felt sooooo bad!!!!!

But otherwise.....success....even leaving the house for brief trips.


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He pooped again in the toilet, and has consistently told us when he needs to pee!!!!Ya-Hoo!!!!

Today marks the 1 week of toilet, even though we don't do rewards,etc....we DO CELEBRATE!!!!! So we baked him a cake,decorated it with balls of all kinds!!! Took a picture! He is soooo proud!!!!!!!

He still hates to wear a dipe at night, but I put it on him after he is asleep,by morning, he could care less-he heads for the potty and that is that.

MamaP............I don't mean to laugh at your situation......but, I must confess, I did smile a bit. BUT....I wanted to ask old is your little guy?? I have a 3 1/2 year old that refuses to sit on the potty at all. If I (or his dad) press him about using the potty...he gets quite panicky. I am pretty chilled out about the process...he'll learn when he learns. However, DH thinks we have to FORCE him to potty-train (I hate this word, btw)...or he'll never learn. Sadly, DH was trained this way and has body fluid issues. My MIL has a pick of DH when he was little, asleep on the potty cuz he was forced to sit there so long. Anywhooo, I just recently posted a request for potty-learning stories I could cut and paste and send to DH to PROVE that it WILL happen, if left alone.

I don't think you're being unreasonable about feeling 4 books is a bit much. Everyone's time is valuable in a family; as is everyone's needs (including YOURS!) and if your DD needs you....and you're only on your 2nd book........I'm sorry, I'd have to say that potty-reading time is over.

Love to hear your story....keep us updated....

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Ds will be 3 July 12.

Our update.....he has had only 1 accident in 9 days. We have ventured out of the house,and that has gone well. Today at Target, he told me he had to go I had him stand on my feet,I held his penis(to assist him), and he peed!!! I almost cried!!
I do think that he is holding back his poops though.....even though we have made it clear to him that if he doesn't want to poop in the potty, he can ask for a dipe. He has gone poop now 4 times in the toilet and once in a dipe.

While we haven't been rewarding him to go,etc(except that we read to him as he goes...and this is *finally* less and less),last night we baked a cake to celebrate his learning to use the toilet. Is that wierd? We decorated the cake with all the things he loves(balls of everykind), and sang and clapped a goofy song. He understood and looked happy and proud!!

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