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ds is 4 1/2 yrs old. he weaned just shy of his 4th birthday after nursing through my 2nd pregnancy and tandeming with baby brother for over a year.
i *think* i clw'd, though some may disagree...we basically followed the don't offer, don't refuse plan and he gradually stopped asking - leaving bedtime for the last to give up.
the thing is he'll occasionally ask now and i can't tell what it's all about because he's acting rather silly about little ds will ask for nee nees, climb into my lap and start and then big ds will try to do the same, laughing all the while. i wonder if the laughter is to cover up some kind of serious feelings that he has or something. i don't know what to say to him, so i usually remind him that he stopped wanting nee nees a while ago and "remember your nee nee graduation party" and you can always have cuddles and lay in mommy's lap, but no more nee nees b/c i'd rather no start them again even if he is serious.
any recommendations for what to say and any insight into why he's doing this?
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