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Hey girls need some help on when to test :)

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My dates are all screwed up so I wanted to get some advice here on when I should test.

Usual Cycle Length - 28 days
Last cycle was 24 days (PITA!!) and Started March 25.
I O'd sometime between April 4 to 8th, but am not exactly sure of the date.

So, being that it is CD 20 of a potential 24 days cycle should I test on day 24 or should I wait for day 28?

OK, let's be real, I will not wait for day 28, so I guess my question is any idea on how accurate the CD24 results would be?

And, be honest, when would you test??

(Boobies HURT today, so I am getting a bit antsy


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In my TCOYF book I want to say I remember it saying if you aren't sure of dates you can reasonably test 18ish days after an act of unprotected sex. So maybe count that way?

That said, I o'd April 2nd and just got a faint positive today at 11dpo (I had a neg. 3 days ago). So at the least maybe wait a dayor two.
i would go with april 14th as the soonest you could possibly get a bfp but not likely... april 18th as the likeliest day you can get a bfp...

You can't go by cycle length, only luteal phase length, as cycle length can change but luteal phase doesn't (without help from vitamins and creams)
Well I do agree that you can't judge based on cycle lenght, but all those experts that say Luteal phases' don't change are crazy. In the 21 cycles we tried to conceive the little one, my luteal phase varied from 10-15 days each month, with an average of 12 days. It did vary tho....

I did clomid some cycles, and some were med free and on 9 clomid cycles I didn't have the same length luteal phase, nor was it the same on the med free cycles. I was charting and using OPK's as well.

I'm insane maybe (?!?!?!
) and I started testing at 7dpo most months and tested until I got a bfp, or what ever the case may have been. Since you don't know the day you O'd get some dollar tree tests and test daily.....LOL, terrible logic, I know.
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Luetal phase is definitely influenced by more than herbs/vitamins/cream. I'm a nursing mama and my lp length has gone 7, 8, 10, and now I'm pregnant so it's null and void.
That was just my past 3 cycles. While it SHOULDN'T vary more than a day or two in either direction it can. Often it's a hormonal thing that's bothering it, but not always.

I still stand by counting out 18 days.
Looking at my chart today was day 14 past the act that got me knoked up. At the very least wait that long.
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I POAS today and got a BFN - of course. I am going to wait until Saturday to POAS again, and then try to wait until Wednesday after that.

Today I have a slight discharge that has a little odor. I googled it and it is listed as one of the very first signs of pregnancy (right after sore breasts - had those since Sunday). So far this month is looking promising, but I am not getting my hopes up as my system is completely out of whack with the 4 day early AF last month.

It is funny yesterday when I thought "This could be it" I realized how scared I was! I suddenly rememebred the morning sickness (which lasted all day and all 9 months for me even with Diclectin), I recalled that Faith was clicky for the first 4 months and that I never slept, and I recalled a bunch of other little things. It was like my last pregnancy flashed before my eyes

But, I know it is worth it!! I really hope this is it!!
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Have you tested again? I hope everything turns out the way you want!!
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Do you usually get sore boobs pre-Af?? Sore boobs were my first pregnancy sign!

I;d be testing every time I peed if I were in your shoes... but I've got issues.
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