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Hey I'm in WI but you are welcome too!!!!!!! Starting a homebirth group.

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Hi there, I am starting a homebirth group in WI. I live in Delevan which is about 20 miles from Beloit.
I am starting this group for all interested, pregnant women, midwives, aspiring midwifes, apprentices, doulas, aspiring doulas, etc........

My reasons for doing so are that I want to become a homebirth midwife and I believe this is the best way to start, Further more I believe the promotion homebirth is very important. My goal is to get to know other women who have or want homebirths, be a support for each other and for aspiring midwives to be able to get together and discuss goals, births attended, and create a little network.
My reasoning for this is that I have searched for a group in the area and have not been able to find one.

I have a post about this in the WI tribal area and Now I am posting here b/c I would love for anyone from IL top feel free to come.

I don't know where it will be held or when, but if you are interested you can post or feel free to pm me.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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