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Hey knitters, did you notice in "Goodnight Moon..."

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That the little old lady whispering "hush" is knitting on double pointed needles? I think she's making a bunny sock. :LOL

I never noticed that before, but now that I know what dpn's are I think it's so cool!
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Isnt that just the idyllic scene.

Knitting by the fire, while child goes to sleep on his own. *sigh*
Maybe, just maybe, bunny children require a little less effort than human children!!


Maybe next time I have baby urges I'll get a bunny instead.
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Oh, I dunno, I like to knit, but I like to cuddle my little sleepers, too. I figure I can knit while they do other stuff, like grow up and move away... in the meantime, I'll set aside the knitting and cuddle the little ones who want me, just me, just good old wonderful mama...

What about getting an angora bunny, Mamaduck? Knitting and bunnies combined!
I never noticed they were double-pointed before. Do you think that's a grandma bunny? I always thought it was for some reason.

I know if I knit with my kids around, a disaster soon follows. My toddler wants to unroll the yarn.
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