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Hey Rach!!

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Clear your PM box, darn it. LOL
Did Cynthia take away your 500 privledge?? It would have been so cool if she'd forgotten about it and you got to keep it forever.
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cynthia didnt give it to me!! i paid for it along time ago when i was selling diapers and got tired of the 50 limit, or whatever it was.
just cleared all my it shoudl be clear.
hope you are doing good and feeling better!
Oh. You can pay to get more messages? I didn't know that!
Look what you made me do! I paid so I don't have to constantly trim down my PM box.

I've actually been a member of MDC for several years, but I changed my username by starting a new one, I didn't know you could pay to change it.
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is your avatar the babe? is that a UTN sunhat? what program did you use to create it? i can never get my photos right.
nak, as usual!
Yes, it's Greyson and a utn sunhat. my dh says it's his girlyhat lol.
I used photoshop, and changed the image size to 50x50 for avatar size.
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