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Hey Sadkitty...

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I was just checking out your photos and realized that we've met! Weren't you at Oaks Park's homeschool skating 2 weeks ago? I talked to you in the cafeteria while my dh played air hockey with our 2yo.
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That was me. You had that cool homemade Mei Tai right. I will be there tomorrow with 5 kids!
Yep! That was me
We won't be there tomorrow. Kaiden has a dentist appt at 10:30.

Sadkitty does get around!
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Hey I DO NOT get around

Just ask the SnB group, whom i saw for the first time in a long time today!

However, if anyone wants to get around... I am going to host knitting/ coffee drinking/ mama togetherness time at my house (and possibly St. John's community center) on Fridays if anyone wants to come.
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