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I've not really been enjoying pregnancy. It seems like I've had one problem or scare after another (although I know there are women who have it much worse). Anyway, yesterday I had my 3-hour glucose test and, while I passed, the whole thing was very tiring and I feel like I've been through yet another ordeal. My arms look bruised from the blood-draws and I'm tired from not sleeping well. Anyway, just now, I had some time out from the day and I paused in the bathroom and for no real reason, decided to look at my bellybutton (weird, I know). And then, I thought it looked a bit dry so I went to put some lotion on it and then just put it all over my entire belly. I was in front of the mirror as I did so, and I realized I like how I look right now, and the lotion felt so nice and nurturing (it's nothing fancy - just whatever we keep on the bathroom counter) and I put some on my poor bruised arms and I felt like I was doing something nice for my body and it was just a good, experience that didn't take much time or energy. It felt really affirming to do this in front of the mirror, too. How many times have I paused in front of the bathroom mirror and criticized myself? Too many. But I have nothing but good feelings for my body at this moment after my quick little lotion ritual.

Anyway, just wanted to share. If you have the time, I recommend doing something nice to/for yourself today. I hope I keep up the spirits to do this at least every couple of days.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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