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Hey all,
Ok me and my man are trying for a wee one ya!
Ok i was due on the 12th last month and i did not get it and i have done a few tests and it was neg.
But still i got nothing.
I have now got really sore boobs and been having cramps in my tummy for the last few days and it does not feel like i am getting my period cramps
I have been sick once.

So what do you guys think so like i said it the 8th and due on the 12th this month so now again it is just a waiting game
Also when i was due we did it like ever 2nd day since i did not get it????

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I hope you're pregnant. I had the same thing happen back in December, BUT I was still using the Nuvaring. We weren't TTC then (obviously). Now I just want to know I'm at least ovulating!

Anyway, since your are TTC, you are different in a BIG way!!! I've read of many others who had negative pregnancy tests and were actually pregnant...SO, get a blood test! I hope you are blessed with a BFP.

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