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Hey, those are my Tykies!

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I went to check out the Tykie diaper sale (of course, I just bought 2 a few days back and missed most of the savings) and saw my 12 mediums pictured under "Cheaper by the Dozen". When I bought them a few months back, there weren't photos, but those 12 soakers look awfully familiar...

It was just neat to realize that my diapers were the models
I love love love them, btw and just got some larges.
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They do look really nice! If I had some extra money right now I'd get one.
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don't you love it how all the doublers have designs on the back. It's such a cute little touch!!
Cool. Those are pretty!

I have a tykie hemp (no outside doubler or soaker tho...but its thick) and I love it. I also have 2 tykie flannel (dunno what internal soaker is) that are also very nice.
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