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I love these threads because I always find it amusing how it changes week to week, or even day to day! I also like to see what someone has that I tried to snag unsuccessfully :LOL

Here's what I am stalking my mailman for:

Loveybums-2 PRR monkey fitteds

Crystal's Cloth- 3 fitteds (subs,transportation,airplanes)
12 Baby Boo Hoo Wipes
10 Mama Boo Hoo Wipes
25 Wipes

Little Lounging Lizard-6 Nighty Newts/6 Nighty Newt doublers
FMBG- 2 fitteds (yellow hibiscus,painted horses)
Dapper Diapers-1 cuddlebuns fitted(counting sheep)
Celestial Baby-1 yellow/taupe hemp fitted, 6 "take out" wipes
SOS-3 OS (avocado,seahorse & starfish,rockets)
Valor Kids-4 fitteds (spunky lime sheep,blue sheep,sheep in blue flowers,octopus)

KSS- custom soaker fr/charity auction(fall colors w/pumpkin on vine)
Wonderful Woolies- (custom longies)
PB&J- (custom longies/not 'till Sept.)
Granitesmiths- 1 Dozen Indian Prefolds
Little Turtle Knits- 2, 3-ply yarn (woodland fairy, westport island) & 1, 2-ply yarn (blue jeans)
Flicker n Suds- 3, 4 oz WOW liquid (summer fling, peppermint ice, clean laundry
El Bee- Bakers Dozen #350:)LOL Yeah right, that's at least 6 months away! :LOL)

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BeccaBottoms: Charity Raffle Fitted
Loveybums: 8 fitteds (Libby), 6 fitteds (Katie), 1 wool cover (Libby)
Schnoogly: 3 fitteds (Libby)
Pipsqueak: 6 fitteds (Libby), 24 wipes
Ebay: 3 newborn gowns (sorry not diapers)
Hidden Pearl: Mama Pads
TydyTykes: Custom Diaper Bag/Wetbag/Changing Pad
Leukeleier: Charity Fitted
Lullaby: 2 fitteds (charity raffle)
ChooChoo Booties: 1 fitted
Recyclebees: Hohumdinger Wipes
Simply Sage: 3 puppets, wool wash (charity raffle)
SnuggleFrogs: blanket (charity raffle)
Berry Patch: 1 fitted (charity raffle)

I have **NEVER** been expecting so much EVER!! Libby happened to go through a growth spurt right at the same time as all of these delightful charity auctions/raffles and I seriously have had a blast with this stuff

Now my cc is in ice (not literally) and I've been a good girl for 5 days and counting!


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Right now I'm waiting on...

From the TP
1 Med Kiwi Pie

And from FMBG
2 small fitteds (painted horses & SOS print)

And I just got a custom VK slot so now I just have to figure out what I want and that will be on the list too.

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Oh, Oh, I want to play!

Crystal's Cloth- 12 hemp fitteds, 3 fun fitteds, 1 daddy designed AIO, 25 wipes, 3 wool jersey covers, 1 pr. breastpads, and a blanket being made for some friends of ours who are pregnant. SHe has been sending me pictures of my order as she works on it. The first picture was just of the 3 piles of all the fabrics cut out and waiting

Lucy's Hope Chest - 1 fitted diaper

FMBG- 1 newborn fitted

Tiny Birds Soaker

2 MutaQin AIOs plus 3 more of the snap in soakers

TTO and LO off ebay

And a SOS I just bought off the TP

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I recently made two purchases with cash I made from selling off some of Stinkers Stash:

6 Mudpiebaby AIO's
12 Luke's Drawers Candy Wrappers

Cool eh! I am not going to feel guilty for buying these, we need them so dh can take care of Alek properly while I am working. I was crazy and sold off all my AIO's when I was in need but now I believe I have a plan! LOL! At present before these show up at our door we have 28 fitted diapers and several wool covers. Damn I am feeling guilty!

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I am in awe of what some of you are waiting on!
And it's actually rather fun living vicariously through your fluffy mail!
I am waiting on two soakers I got from Hidden Peal Creations awesome wool sale - I got a medium and large. Plus, I'm still waiting on snaps ... I ordered them a while ago and luckily was able to borrow my friends as they still aren't here ... grrr ... I'm hoping they aren't lost in the PO system ... grrr ...

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I'm awaiting a good amount of stuff

An UT AIO and a fitted from Becca Bottoms
A WIO and 2 pocket fitteds from HarleyzDiapeez
A Cloud cover tester soaker from Pickle Pants
A medium celestial baby girl diaper
4 2oz. WOW soaps from Flicker-n-Suds

My Snap Press and about 3,000 snaps!!
A yard of cashmere fabric from ebay.

I think that's all, I was going crazy a little while back, but due to the lack of available dipes and my credit card hitting it's limit, I am no longer shopping(well that is until Kiwi Pie and Celtic Wool stocks, I just can't say no to those).

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What am I not waiting on?

18 assorted newborn fitteds from Nanipoos
1 PRR Monkeys newborn fitted from Loveybums
12 assorted sherpa med fitteds from Loveybums
1 PUL cover and 2 fleece med covers from Loveybums
15 assorted med (NB) Tiny Tots fitteds from Baby Marketplace
3 Small Fuzzibunz & 3 Small MOE microterry inserts from a new WAHM
1 custom wetbag and changing pad from Happy Tushies

Oh wait, my list doesn't seem that long! It's just my enitre stash.

Now I'm on a wipes hunt, so soon I will be waiting on those, too!

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The mail hasn't come yet today so I'm still waiting on:

Bridget's Soakers
1 4th of July (3 stars)
1 yellow striped w/frogs
1 nb baseball PRR
1 med. baseball
1 Painted Horse fitted
1 Laurel Burch elephant fitted (TP)
5 toddler pockets from the raffle (rainbow pack)
3 toddler pockets (various prints)
Green Mountain Wee Woolies
1 pr. soaker shorts in greens
1 PRR farm pocket
1 orange PUL pocket (striped inner)
1 patriotic stars pocket
Valor Kids
10 washies
Celestial Baby
Snuggle (TP)

So, 3 soakers, 16 diapers, and 10 washies....that's not too bad!!

ETA more!

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6 AIOs from an un-named WAHM that were supposed to be here weeks ago, they are finally on their way according to the tracking #

1 wool cover from that same WAHM, who knows when I will get it

a beautiful diaper bag from ebay, thanks to a gift cert from my friends

3 LHC AIOs from the TP-------great prices too

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I'm not waiting on too much, just a few tasty morsels. :LOL I'm such a dork. Anyways, here's my list:

Valor Kids sushi print AIO
Luxe Baby raspberry WIO with matching tank top
2 Beccabottoms UT AIOs
1 Beccabottoms doll diaper (DD is so into her babies!
1 El Bee from ebay (Butterflymama's!)
3 El Bees and 1 Wooly Bully from THE LB herself
Lucys Hope Chest AIO in PRR dandelion print (gotta go send her the paypal)
Bizzy B Hive AIO also in PRR dandelions


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My list is embarassing.
: I hope I remember it all

1 Pair of tester Pickle Pants
1 Pair of Holy Sheep Soaker Shorts
2 Tye Die Kiwi Pie
1 Celtic Wolf
1 Pair of Melly Knit Soaker Shorts
2 Pair of Hooni Knit Soakers
1 4th of July-Navy with Stars Bridget's Soaker

1 Pair of test Pickle Pants
1 Pair of Holy Sheep Soaker Shorts
2 Pair of Melly Knit Soakers
2 Pair of Hooni Knit Soakers
1 4th of July-Starts and Stripes Bridget's Soaker
1 Custom dyed baby playsilk
1 Silk diaper liner

The only thing I hope to add to the list in the near future is some more Celtic Wool. I love it! Oh, and Hadley needs a Kiwi Pie.


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I'm waiting on:

8 Dyed PFs from Sunflower Derrieres
3 wool soakers from EarthyBaby(yeah right! She's been MIA for a month!)
1 wool soaker pants from EarthyBaby "
1 snap press and tons of snaps from OSDS
Fabric from
Fabric from Sewingsupplies co op

I'm sure there's more just can't think!

I'm also waiting on BBB, Fuzbaby Garden, and KP to stock! LOL

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Oh, I totally forgot I'm waiting on a large and x-large Bummis bag from Bum Wrap Diapers (I won the gift cert. drawing!
I've so been wanting to get these for our upcoming trips) plus Jen made ds a bum sweater and the pics look so cute!
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