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HEY!!! Where's TABITHA????

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I hope she's having sweet Kassi!!!!

Anyone have the scoopie??
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I thought about her this morning. I hope she's either having a baby or at least in good spirits.
According to her blog she's in labor!!! I can't wait to hear about her sweet new arrival.
Oh, hooray! There's a link to her blog in her siggy if you can find a post by her somewhere...
Oh yeah, from her blog she definitely seemed headed for labor land. If she were my client I would be packing up my birth kit and trying to catch a nap.
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I'm so excited!!!!

Labor dust to you Tabitha!!

I need to find her blog now!!!
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I can't find her blog in any of her posts

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I can't find the blog either - "post the link, post the link, post the link"
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yes ... blog linkie please! I can't wait to hear of little Kassi's birth.
And of course, see pics of her in her new dipes.
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She *SO* needs a birthcam.

I loved this spring when I watched all the foalcams.

I'm *not* comparing little sweet Kassi to a horse, so don't flame me.

ooh! Can someone pm the link to her blog???!!
me too! I had it but I can't find it in my history!
I am sooo in awe! Mainly b/c of the fact she can still type when in labor!! :LOL ELV's sent your way, Tabitha!
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