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HFS/vegan friendly places near St. Louis

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Hi there !

I actually live in Texas but I'm going to be visiting around the St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon area next week. My only problem is that I'm ovo vegetarian and we eat mostly organic so I'm looking for some places to either eat out to shop for food while we're there. (I'm hoping to not have to bring ALL our food.)

Anyways, I'd appreciate any help ! Also, any suggestions of cool things to do with almost three year olds ?

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HI Nataly,
Welcome to the St. Louis area. There is a Whole Foods market at highway 40 and Brentwood exit. It would be a drive, but you will find whatever you need there. I've never been shopping out in St. Peters/O'Fallon area for food. The Dierbergs stores (at least near me) have a lot of organic produce and an organic aisle, but nothing like Whole Foods.
There's lots of fun to do in St. Louis. I would definitely visit the Magic House in Kirkwood. The Science center is great (and air-conditioned). There are several pools. The city museum is excellent too.
Hope you have a great trip.
There is also a Wild Oats at Ladue and 170. Both Wild Oats and Whole Foods have the option of buying ready to eat food, or you can 'eat in' there.

The City Museum is a bit "old" for your 3 year old (esp. considering the price) and the Science Center has a "discovery room" for younger kids (it costs while most of the rest of the place is free), but it too is geared for older kids. With a 3 year old I would recommend The Magic House, the Zoo and Grant's Farm. If you do a search in this forum, I posted links to a bunch of stuff to do in St. Louis once. Have fun!
delicious -

I'm a vegetarian originally from the area in IL near O'Fallon, and when I visit my parents in New Baden, just down the road, I have a VERY hard time finding anything to eat at restaurants in IL. Many more options in StL./ucity.

However, the new Dierberg's in O'Fallon does have an OK organic food section. Mostly processed, and expensive, but it's better than all the other grocery store options. They're in St. Louis, too.

I always have to bring most of our food. Travels well: potatoes, rice, jarred sauce, apples, hard-boiled eggs, nutrionally dense homemade muffins, and nori rolls (my favorite!!!). We're heading that way later this month and I'm a bit worried, too.

Will be watching the thread to see what's up.

I agree with the zoo/grant's farm, unless zoos depress you. They depress me so much I can't go to them anymore.
We usually go to city parks and explore. It's free and it's most places. That way, we can sometimes meet local parents and ask about other places to go, too.

happy traveling!!

whoops! just realized you already left. Hope you're having a nice trip!
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