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HG support thread

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I havent seen any other HG related threads, though I may have simply missed it. I basically looking for others who are having a hard time. Im barely functioning right now and thats with a ton of medication. So far this has been my hardest pregnancy (3rd). I've already spent some time in the ER for dehydration.

Anyone else out there?
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Sorry you're having such a hard time. My last pregnancy was very hard on me so I know a little of what you're going through. Hope you feel better once you hit the 2nd tri.
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I haven't been officially dx'ed but what I have is as close to it as I ever want to get. I am able to keep down liquids most of the time, food is very, very iffy. Zofran, Unisom, etc stopped working for me last weekend. I've spent the last 2 weeks in bed except for pick up/drop off at school and very light errands. DD is eating microwaved meals, I can't cook. I can BARELY stand walking into the kitchen.

But seriously...I am having SUCH a good day today. I never want today to end. It's the first time I've eaten solid food since Saturday and it's going great! I'm terrified of tomorrow!

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I'm terrified of tomorrow!
I know that feeling. I've been keeping zofran and reglan in my system continuously since last week when I ended up in the ER but I think the nausea is getting worse and actually breaking through all this med. THAT scares me bad. My 11 y.o. DD has been a life saver. She's home schooled (not so much lately) and has been my absolute hero. Im so proud of her! DH doesnt really understand how bad it is. Even last week he didnt seem to think things were bad enough to go to the ER.
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I'm sorry! My DH has been pretty good, but I can tell his patience is wearing thin. He's doing the vast majority of childcare for our 4 year old when he's home, cooking, sort of cleaning,
Well, I still clean the toilets, because I can't stand to throw up into a dirty toilet and God knows if I waited for him to do it...I don't even want to think about it! To make matters worse, one of our cats has chosen this time as the first time ever to start peeing all over the place and now laundry is piling up. So he's definitely stressed out.

Zofran started working for me again two nights ago. It enabled me to eat a decent dinner last night! The small, frequent meals thing is really helping a lot more than I thought it would.
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I'm in this boat as well.

4th pregnancy with H/G. ugh I hate it.
I was really done havign kids and being pregnant, this pregnancy was a total shock - so I havn't quite come to terms with going thru this crap again.
Meanwhile I'm right in the middle of it.
9weeks tomarrow, and already on Zofran. getting chewed out by Dr for not drinking enough.
I hate IV's almost as much as vomiting, so i've been focusing on liquids more this time then last (I was in the clinic 4 times last go 'round). Smoothies with protien, teas, the dreaded water. i just sip, lay on the couch, and focus my mind on antiques roadshow or sudoku. anything to ignore the sloshy mess in my abdomen.
so far it works 75% of the time, and I havn't had an IV yet.
Had my OB visit today. Good news: got to see a very active little bean on sono, perfect heart rate of 168 and measuring 4 days ahead in growth.

Bad news: Im back to being moderate/severely dehydrated so they are talking to the insurance about setting me up with a zofran pump. Hopefully Ill hear something in the morning, and then a nursing service will come out and take care of getting me hooked up and give me any fluids I need on top of the zofran. I hate that it's come to that, but at this rate, my insurance doesnt want to give me more zofran by mouth anyway and she said this would force their hand. She said I may have to be in the hospital a night but eventually they cost of hospitalization vs. medication would prevail. Im just desperate for some relief.
Hope everyone else is having a good day.
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