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HH's leaking, help!

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I have been using our HH's for about 9 months or so and never had a problem. Now they are all leaking! I only use them at night and nap time so this is a big problem. My guess is the fleece is repelling because when I check the inserts they are wet but not soaked so I am guessing the urine is just rolling off. It either comes out the leg or out the top. I read somewhere to soak them in sportswash then wash until all suds are gone.....I did this and they are still leaking.

Any ideas?

Also we get some bad diaper rash around here because of food issues so I have been using a lot of diaper ointment (usually burt's bees). Would this have anything to do with it?

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Do you usually dry them in the dryer? If not, you might try a dryer cycle on hot to seal up your PUL. Just a thought!
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BB gave me problems with the fleece. I think I used Dawn dishwashing detergent to get it out and always used a piece of scrap fleece to keep butt cream from hitting the diaper when ds got a rash after that. I try to go to prefolds with a cheapo fleece liner when he had a rash. You can put the prefolds through a lot more punishment and if the fleece is just un-usable afterwards, you can toss it.
I bet that they are repelling because of the ointment. I've heard that dish soap works wonders. You take a tiny bit and rub it throughly thru the fleece and wash and rinse until the suds are gone. It's worth a shot!
Thanks ladies! Darn I did not know that ointment would do that. I knew it might stain but I was not worried about that. I guess it makes sense when you think about how thick it is. I will try the dawn and see what happens.
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