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HI All

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Hi Everybody.

I am HotSpotMama.

I am the mother of two little darling boys who are the light in my life.

I have been feeling a little stir crazy wanting a bit of adult interaction, so this week I agreed to join some friends at their webiste.

I am going to be their featured writer on all the cool things on the market for parents today and all the cool stuff inthe works. I will also cover the Mommy Inventors section they are creating there.

The site is ofr those of you curious.

I am here to try to get a better understandign of the issues parents are struggling with ans also to share my learned wisdom as I go scouring the web for cool stuff for parents.

I am so glad to be using my brain a bit more. I am glad to have found this terrific site.
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w e l c o m e !
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Welcome! You should definitely check out the cloth diapering and babywearing fora - the innovations that work-at-home moms have come up with in diapering and babywearing just in the last several years are amazing.
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Thanks guys for the warm welcome!!

I am just learning the web annd what an increbile resource it is. I am well past the diapering stage but handling two toddlers is enough to drive anyone to find an escape the net.
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