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Hi - Anyone in Lacey Area?

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Hi. We just moved to the Lacey area from Ft Lewis and have a 3 yr old daughter and 6 mo old son. Would love to meet some moms out there with kiddos.
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Hi there!

There are a few of us in the Oly/Lacey area. Check out this thread and see if you can join us some Wednesday!
Hi, Our family moved to Lacey 6 months ago, from the Tri Cities. I have a 3 yo dd and a almost 6 yo dd.
I've met with Margi a couple of times, the kids have fun playing. We have been getting together Wed afternoons at a park. I won't make it this week because my little one is sick, but we'll be back to the parks soon. I look forward to meeting you.
Getting together with you all would be great. Rainier Vista is a cool playground. Lizzy loves it. We are headed out to Montana to see the in-laws this coming weekend but will be back in early July. Let me know when you gals are going to get together and we'll make it a date.
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