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Hi, I am new here, with some ?'s

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Hi my name is Jennifer. I have an 18 month old. We really want to start eating as healthy as we can. Do you have any tips? We dont have any health food stores but a big grocer does carry some organic veggies and other products. Since I cant find it all organic, and we wont have farmers markets in the winter, can someone suggest a good way to wash my produce? I hear that vinegar is good, but I dont know how much. Or what to do. We arent vegetarians, but we are cutting down to grass fed bison, and free range organic chicken. I know enough to stay away from processed and packaged foods. We dont like soy or tofu. We only buy the free range organic eggs. Hmm thats about all we have been doing, eating lots of salads, but even tho I have been only doing this two weeks, I am getting tired of it. Also, can anyone reccommend good shampoos for toddlers? Thank you so much, and I must say, I am enjoying lurking here! Jennifer
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Sorry I didnt mean to say I am sick of eating healthy, just sick of salads right now. Jen
You sound like you're doing great! We only do salads when salad greens are in season (it is a perk of being best friends with an organic farmer who grows salad greens!) There is a list somewhere around here about what veggies and fruits to buy organic if you're on a limited budget, but it doesn't sound like you are.
For shampoo, I'm no help, we don't even use it for the little ones. WEll, no, once I bought a California Baby shampoo and liked it.

If it's hard for you to get organic foods because of your location, have you looked into joining/starting a buying club? They are cooperative natural food warehouses that deliver food to lots of towns.

There's a controversy about whether soy is good for you anyway, so it's okay that you're not into tofu. I like Oh Baby Oh, or something like that. I love the smell and it's all natural.

There's a lot more people here who know about good foods, but I'd include probiotic foods like yogurt, sea plants, whole grains, and candy. Okay, maybe not the candy.

I don't do salads that much myself, so I'd definitely get sick of it real fast. Green veggies are very good for you too, like Kale (yummy) and spinach.

Good eating!
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