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I'm a new mod here as of today

I had my DS (now 12) via C-section due to a herpes infection that I found out about halfway through my pregnancy (surprise) I had a great midwife, the only hb midwife in my area. She gave me all of the stats and facts and I made the decision myself...scared, first child. I own my decision.

Fast forward four years, I am preparing to birth my next babe at home with the same midwife, well, it seems that in this state the mw has to work 'under' a doctor, who gets the final say in what happens
: my mw thought that since my pregnancy was progressing beautifully and I was a low risk, that he (the doctor) would okay the homebirth. Well, I found out at 36 weeks that he wouldn't okay it
I scrambled to find a substitute mw who would agree to assist me in birthing my baby in the way I chose. I couldn't find one.

I researched UC, and decided that I wasn't prepared for that at such a late stage, I was in the last weeks of my pregnancy and the rug had been pulled out from under me, I was freaking out. The thought of a hospital birth terrified me, yet I was mentally unprepared for an UC. My greatest wish was to work with my much loved mw at home, to have a peaceful VBAC. I knew all about the low to no risk of ruptures...ruptures can occur in anyone and are much more likely to occur in a hospital setting with pitocin and other interventions (but then I'm preaching to the choir)

Long story short (ish) I ended up having my DD with my mw, in the hospital, no drugs and everytime a nurse would come in to check me (ouch), my mw ushered me into the bathroom so they wouldn't examine me
(gotta love her for that) DD came much later than I expected her (14 days) and I firmly believe that it was because I felt unsafe about the place I was to be birthing. I ended up taking care of things so I would be 'allowed
: ' to leave the hospital immediately after the birth. I jumped through all of the hoops and ended up having the birth I wanted, not at home, but I did it !!!!

That is a piece of my story. I was very angry at my mw for a time, I felt that she led me on to believe that I would be able to birth at home when she told me at such a late time that I wouldn't be able to (with her) It hurt to be angry with her

I eventually got over the anger to go on to a perfect birth. I don't like to dwell on the negatives, the fact is that I proved them all wrong (the doctors) and, the nurse who was with me at the end had birthed all 3 of her babes at home with the same mw

I just thought you might like to know something about your friendly new mod

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