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Hi I'm Kathy and happy to be a part of this fabulous community

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Hey everyone,

I'm Kathy and mother of two, art therapist and parenting coach. I've been browsing around for a few weeks and now taken the leap to join. I am here to learn from other parents as much as offer my services, I've joined as an "advertiser" which I am a bit worried about that label as it looks like I'm here to hard sell you something. I'm not, I'm here to see how I can serve.

Anyway happy to land on these pages and browse around, I've written a couple of reviews already of books that have hugely influenced my practice...

with blessings and hello to all the other parents on this wonderful magical journey of raising children, so happy that modern technology enables us to gather our resources and information together.

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Hi Kathy,

Welcome! There is a lot of cool stuff on this site, and I hope you enjoy being a part of it! A quick caution--you may want to reconsider using your real name (if indeed you did). You can't change your screen name, and there has been some controversy over posts from MDC getting put on Facebook and other sites (you may want to look for the thread about this in the "Questions and Suggestions" site. Just a thought before you start racking up lots of posts! You could always set up a different account and drop the one you just started. Have a great day and I hope you continue to enjoy your involvement with MDC!

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