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Hi, I'm new (already posted a couple of times though!)

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I figured I should do the *official* "I'm new" post, although I've already posted a few times...

A bit about me...

I'm 20-something
: TTC #1, have been with my wonderful boyfriend for 4 1/2 years- he's currently in business school. We have a Pomeranian- Benji- and a cat- Lucy, who mean the world to me.

I've been working in a mental hospital for the past 2 years, but will be leaving that state employment next month, taking the summer 'off' the end of the summer, I might start working again (hopefully in the school system), or not, if I'm pregnant...although I probably want to do some type of employment for health insurance...We plan on me being a SAHM for awhile though.

I found these boards when I was surfing the Net trying to find info about pregnancy and conceiving...

This place is so welcoming and everyone seems so knowledgeable about the stuff that's important to me....

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w e l c o m e !

Are you french or just enjoy writing in it "the little mommy"
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Oh, yeah...I'm Belgian...speak fluent French (my mother tongue), but have lived in the US most of my life (since 6 months old!) I went back for a year here and there and went back to visit relatives during summer vacations...Haven't been back for several years now though...

So I came up with my screen name b/c I see myself as a *mama* to my pets, Benji and Lucy...and hopefully soon a *real* mama!
Welcome to MDC!

Best of luck in your TTC journey. If you don't already have it, run, don't walk, to your favorite bookseller and buy Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wechsler.

Also, please visit the Case Against Circumcision and Vaccines forums to learn about two issues that most mainstream sites and doctors aren't nearly well-informed enough on.
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Good luck
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