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Hi, i'm NEW here!

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Hi everybody! I am 25 and a SAHM to a beautiful 9 1/2 mo. I am hoping to find moms in my area that share my same views. It would be wonderful to find someone to talk to about these sort of things. People that i could get advice from and maybe share some of my experiences. We used a midwife :home: and my husband and i try and do everything naturally. We are still learning as we go.
: I hope to hear from everyone soon. If there is anyone in my area who would like to get together or knows of a group that i could come check out, please let me know. Thanks again!
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Hi there and welcome!
I'm Lauren...26 y/o sahm/wahm to an almost-2 year old... We're in Glen Allen...not far from VA Center Commons...
Where exactly are you?
We live in Midlothian. I'm only seconds from 288 and powhite. I hope we can get together sometime soon!
I don't live too far away. I am just off Courthouse road by 288. I have a 9 month old girl. I haven't been yet, but there is an AP play group at La Prade Library. (I will have to check with a lady at LLL about when they meet.) If you are a bfing mom LLL meets on the 3rd Thursday at 10 am at St. Mark's Church on Luck's Lane. BTW-do you have a good natural style DR? Mine is moving to Northern VA.
I am so bummed. We will have to meet up sometime. Delia
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