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Hi I'm new

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I'm Erica, mother to ds, almost 7 1/2. He was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome a few months before his 6th birthday. Dd, my four year old seems to be fine other than some articulation problems. We are doing a lot of dietary interventions with ds since it seems to really have an impact on his behavior. We do GFCF and Feingold, and just recently started him on a very low dose of Risperdal. That was a really hard choice but I think it was the right one.

I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm thrilled that I've found these forums!

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I'm pretty new here, too, but I wanted to say hello and to ask you, if you don't mind, what exactly led you to the diagnosis of asperger's? My son is 7 1/2 as well and was diagnosed Bipolar but it doesn't seem to 'fit' any more. Were there specific things that pointed you more towards aspergers rather than another diagnosis?

Sorry to pounce on you!
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It's all a bit of a blur now thinking back on it. Mostly we were concerned with his not potty training and smearing, extreme seperation anxiety and frequent temper tantrums. He didn't know how to play with toys. We didn't see any pretend play and he just seemed to break everything rather than play with it. We also noticed our younger daughter communicated better at 2/3 than he did at nearly 6.

What *actually* led me to suspect autism was an "aha" moment when he was 4 1/2. I'd just given him a bowl of icecream. He finished it and ten minutes later he was in the floor in full meltdown. I realized he did that every time I'd ever given him a milk product. DUH. I searched online for dairy or milk sensitivity/allergy, found the GFCF diet site and from there discovered the link to dairy and autistic behavior.. We went dairy free and blindly felt our way around the system until we got ds evaluated soon after he began kindergarten. He was originally diagnosed as moderately autistic, but then I read about Aspergers and it just seemed to fit. We had him evaluated several more times, one for a second opinion, once through school for services and another for a backup 'just in case'. They all said Aspergers.

Now ds is in OT/ST privately and at school, on a very low dose of Risperdal for the violent meltdowns (.5 mg daily though I may increase that to 1 mg daily..) and doing much better with a behavior therapist coming weekly. We also recently began receiving SSI for him to help us afford the GFCF and Feingold diets. We are about to begin trying enzymes and supplements.. (if anyone has experience I'd appreciate the help!!)

I went off tangent again, sorry! PM me if you have any questions.

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Welcome, Erica!!
Good to have you! You'll find a wealth of information and extremely supportive Mamas here!
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Hi Erica,

My former student (he was 6) also had Aperger's and his mother was giving him supplements of probiotics and enzymes. The enzymes were green and "good for you" and it was sometimes a battle to sneak them into his foods (she had told him they were good for him, so in a typical-kid-way he didn't want them). So she decided to stop. Right after she stopped - within a few weeks, she noticed his anxiety and other "autistic' behaviors increasing dramatically - so much so that she was talking to his doctor about putting him on meds. Then, suddenly she remembered that she'd taken him off the supplements. So back on he went and he's doing much much better. Hardly any anxiety behavior now (uncontrollable laughter when he was anxious and unable to tell someone what he did or didn't want. He was fully verbal - would talk your ear off, except in hard situations for him.)
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