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Hi - joining in!

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Hello - I'm 5 weeks pg with baby #3, due Feb 4. This baby is a completely unexpected gift from God - DH had a vasectomy in January and had been given the "all clear" after his second semen analysis...obviously it wasn't quite as successful as we believed! But now that we have gotten over our initial shock, I am very excited.

I saw an OB this morning for a confirmation of the pregnancy (given the circumstances...) but my other children were born in a free standing birth center with midwives, so I am looking for midwives in my area and considering a home birth (and very interested in water birth as well). I now live nearly 2 hours from my old midwives/birth center, and I have a history of pretty fast labors, so even though I am considering going back to them I'm not sure that's the best idea.

I haven't been on the MDC boards for a long time, but I thought it might be fun to join a due date group, so here I am!
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Welcome! What a great surprise! LOL I'd be sending that dr who did the vas a baby picture!
Oh my goodness Dana!! That really is a fun surprise. What was your first reaction? And your dh's? This happened to a friend of mine a couple years ago. When her dh went into the dr who did the vas., he was so relieved because my friend's dh wasn't upset.

Well, my very first reaction was to get really upset - I just didn't want another child! That didn't last too long and once the initial shock wore of I started to get really excited. DH never did get upset - he said "It's done now, there's no reason to get upset about it! How can you be upset about LIFE?" We agree that this baby is a miracle gift from God and is obviously meant to be here, so I am actually pretty happy about it now.

The day I took the pg test DH took another sample in for testing (assuming that the surgery had naturally reversed itself and we needed to demonstrate that so the doc would re-do the surgery). Well, that sample came back "No sperm present"!! When I questioned the results, the lady on the phone got really short with me and insisted there was no possible way that a mistake had been made and that the procedure was successful, that's all there was to it. We haven't actually talked to the doctor himself. I've told DH that I really think we need to try to get our money back since we had to pay over $400, even if we have to get a DNA test when the baby is here to prove that DH is really the father (which there is NO possibility otherwise, I assure you!). Dh thinks we should just let it go, since they do say it is not 100% guarantee of sterility.

One thing I'm a little worried about is what if our insurance refuses to pay for a pregnancy after they covered part of his vasectomy? Has anyone ever heard of that happening? (Especially since we can't "prove" that he is not in fact sterile at this point). That might be a moot point, though, since I'm looking into a home birth and they probably won't want to cover that anyway...
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HOW AWESOME!!! that just proves we can't outsmart God no matter how hard we try!!

a friend of mine's dh had a vasectomy and she was kind of wanting more, so they didn't go get tested on purpose. she said she doesn't want to hear someone say there is no sperm left so that she always feel like maybe there is a chance. i guess you're proof that there definitely is a chance!
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I don't think it matters who got you pregnant (and whether he was "capable" or not), you are on the insurance policy and I don't see how they wouldn't cover you! Ask the insurance about the homebirth though. My insurance was going to cover prenatals with my midwife and a certain percentage of her birth fee (for my 1st m/c, planning the same this time around--I love her)
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