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I've been a registered member here for a good while now...........I posted for a minute then I stopped. I just logged on today after who knows how guys were in my bookmarks still so I thought I'd come back and get acquainted.

I'm Angela, I'm a sahm to my 2.5 year old Rowan. I have a ton of pets, I have a stepson and we all live in Ohio. (Yes, I know Tiff, aka hazelnut, irl.........she mentioned to me yesterday I think that she was here so I figured I'd see if you were still in my bookmarks!)

I nursed Rowan till he self weaned at 18 months. We co slept, we baby wore (and sometimes still do the hip carry if the situation warrants), we selectively and delayed vaxing, we did homemade baby food and did not ever CIO. Rowan was circ'ed against my better judgement but no future sons will be. I've dealt with the guilt since the day it was done........I was a blubbering mess in the hospital because I did not want to do it. I knew enough about it to know that, but not enough to actually NOT do it. Well, now I do so future boys will be spared.

I come from a family of (the dreaded term) breastfeeding nazis. Yes, these people actually fit that description.........and I think my dad is the biggest of them, funnily enough. I go to an occasional LLL meeting......but thats dwindling as my little one gets bigger and bigger.

I know a couple gals here.........or at least I think they're still here. Cher? Kira? And........Erika I think? And of course Tiff, the newbie.

Anyway, hi again, sorry I snuck off for so long.......I'll stick around this time.
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