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Hi other WAHM.... finding balance?

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I am new here. A mom of 2 boys (4 and 6) both with a genetic neuro-degenerative disease (side note....anyone out there whose children have Ataxia, please contact me. I am always looking for friends who can relate with this disease) and me and hubby have our own companies...he's a WAHD.

I am looking forward to gaining advice from other moms!!!!

Here is my ?
What would you say is your number one tip for other WAHM regarding striking a balance between business and family/home? So far my biggest help (when I do it..hehe) is menu planning for the week.

Thanks in advance

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Menu planning and cooking ahead is a big one for me too.

But my biggest (BY FAR!!!) is scheduling set business hours. Having clearly defined times to work on my business helps me to make sure that I'm not spending all day working. It is really tempting for me to fill one "quick" order during the day...but too often the quick order ends up taking an hour, and then the rest of my plans for the day are shot.
The thing that has been working the best for me so far is turning off my computer. By far, the best. Even during the day when I sew. Cause I'll think, Oh I'll check my email quick, then I end up visiting every single message board or get sidetracked onto something else. So far I have only done this a couple days, but I have to really stick to it cause it helps me soooooooo much.
Having set business hours is the most helpful thing for me in striking a balance.

After my daughter gets home from preschool I'm a MOM and not an Editor. I don't even answer the phone becuase it might be a business call.

During business hours though I never fold laundry, vacuum, etc. So the balance works the other way too.
Hi Amber,

Like the other mamas have said, I have to mentally tell myself we are closed for business right now - even if its just for a few hours - and let other areas of my life get attention too. Its hard.

On an aside, my dh has a degenerative neuro illness and ataxia was tossed around a time or 2 as a diagnosis in his case. I know you said you were looking for support from others whose children have the disease, but if you want/need support re: the general care and struggles of dealing with such a disease in a loved one, feel free to pm me. I would love to chat.

Originally Posted by annethcz
Menu planning and cooking ahead is a big one for me too.

Me, too! This has GOT to be in order for me to be sane. Esp. because we try to eat a lot of whole foods that require preparation. I cook in batches and freeze extra meals so extra busy days don't catch me unprepared!
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