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hi there! ct newbie here

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Hi girls,
just wanted to introduce myself!
I live in Easton, CT - and am due to have my first baby on January 12th.. a boy!
Anyone nearby?
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We live in Stratford, but are thinking about moving to Redding/Easton area in the next few years. Congrats on the imminent arrival!


Jeri Ann (with DH and Sofia 16 mos.)

We are in New London which I am sure isn't near by since I've never even heard of Easton.But then with me you never know you could be right next door:LOL

Congrats on your little bun
Enjoy it to the fullest!!!
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Welcome! I'm in Stratford too. Also due with my first, a boy in two weeks. Congrats on the arrival due in January!
Welcome (a little late). I teach 2nd grade at the elementary school in Easton! I am also pregnant (with #2) and am due in the beginning of April. I live in Westport for now but am looking to move to Easton or Weston in or around. June. How do you like living in Easton? I have only been working there for 2 months but so far love community.
Hi there! I live in Norwalk, kinda close! Congratulations on your pg!
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