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I didn't even know this forum was here!

I love animals, and am fascinated with dog behavior in particular. My son and I studied dog breeds and love to check dogs out and guess the breed... We are dog geeks, I guess! I was the HUman Education coordinator at my local SPCA for a few years, until my littlest was born... Anyhow, we just got a new dog, Boomer, and she is a nuerotic sweetheart!
We are working on socializing her and teacing her the house rules, and we will go to our trainer next week to brush up on the basics.

Molly is a Border Collie/ Shepard mix. She is my problem child!
Cruciate ligament surgery, bad hip, bad attitude... We love her anyway, of course! Boomer is a Border Collie/ Corgi mix.

Molly and Boomer

Shadow is my lover boy... He looks a lot like a Dutch Shepard, but we don't know his backround and he could be anything.

Shadow and Boomer

Anyhow, thanks for reading!
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