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Hi everyone!

I'd like to be added to the list please, am I in the right place?

I'm Lisa and I have a 20month old DS who still nurses at night a lot. We've been TTC since August and have been having short LP and not much CM. My CM changed qualities from watery to gooey but last month temp didn't rise until a few days after the change of CM. Up until July I was having tons of good CM but DS has been teething (last two molars) and has increased his night nursing dramatically. I don't know if this is causing my CM to disappear. DS was conceived very easily so this delay is frustrating me, not sure why.

I'm charting but taking temps haven't been easy with a lot of semi-waking in between. I also started taking Vitex yesterday which was Day 1 of cycle this month. I've had AF regulary since 16 weeks PP despite exclusive bf, no pumping, no pacy and good CM up until July.

Babydust to everyone....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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