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Here I am! My name is Nonie and I am a SAHM to a 21 month old girlie. I have ordered some cloth diapers and am ready to give it a whirl. Ainsley shows no signs of potty training and I'm in no hurry. I have ordered a Fuzzibunz, a Bumkins AIO, a Kushie Ultra AIO and a Happy Heiney. I
haven't figured out anything beyond Pocket Dipes and AIO's. The whole covers and contours and.....I'm lost!
If anyone would take the time to explain it I would so appreciate it!
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Hi! Welcome! AIOs and Pockets are a good place to start because they are so much like disp. diapers. AIOs are the cover and the "diaper" material all sewn together. Pockets are a cover with a layer of microfleece sewn in the inside to form a pocket that you'll need to stuff with some sort of absorbant material. Contours, fitteds and prefolds all need a cover to be waterproof. Fitteds have snap or velcro closures...contours and prefolds can be placed in a cover that snaps or velcros (or they can be pinned or snappied shut before going in a cover). HTHs!
There are some links at the top of the forum you might find helpful.

In fact I suggest you read through all of them
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