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I'm so nervous about posting because I had two previous miscarriages after my son (last fall and early, early spring), but I'm pretty excited. We were going to wait until summer to TTC because my husband's a teacher and he wanted to try to have it at the end of next school year so he could be around. But, it felt like the right time to do it, so we did.

Congrats to everyone.
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Many of us here are in the same boat as you--so welcome!

sorry nak!!
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I, too, had 2 miscarriages following the birth of my son (and one before him) so I'm pretty nervous. I am also a teacher (as is DH) so we wanted another spring baby, but like you said, the timing felt right so here we are with a winter baby!
Same boat as you - miscarraiges and pregnant again. It's so nervewracking isn't it?? When is your due date?
Thanks, everyone. I knew mommas here would understand everything. My due date is th 19th.
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Hi everyone...

I too am in the same boat... I had an early mc this past April and just got a BFP result... I'm really nervous this week because my mc was at 6 weeks (headed into the 7th week) and I'm in my 6th week now. I'm trying hard to continually tell myself to relax but the fears are there none the less. I think once I pass this little personal milestone I will be able to comfortably set my sights on 8 weeks and then 12 weeks.

Sarasrpings we have the same due date... Feb 19th...
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