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wow, i cant believe i am here. my name is jen, i have a 21 m son, and have been married for almost 2 years. we were trying to get pg for a few months, but then decided to lay off for a while, and lo and behold, the first month we *werent* ttc, we get a +!!!!! my cycles are really wonky (i just started cycling 5 or 6 months ago, and ds still nurses nonstop), and i am not sure when i ovulated or when my period would have been "due", but i am assuming that i am about 2 weeks post conception now, which would put me due in july!

i am trying soooo hard not to spend this pg looking forward to hearing the heartbeat, baby kicking, labor, etc, and just focus on how wonderful this is right now.

my sister just had a mc 2 months ago, so i am waiting to tell family in the hopes that she will concieve again. also i dont want to put my family through the emotional wringer again if i should lose this baby.

no nausea yet, just lots and lots of breast tenderness. luckily nursing doesnt hurt, so thats good, and i havent had any fatigue yet either. im hoping the first trimester yucks will hold off until the end of november, because we are really busy at the birth center this month and i dont want to be doing tons of clinic and attending tons of births if i feel gross.

ds was born at home, and we plan to use the same mw this time, plus a student, but i am planning a UC style birth, with zero interference from the mw unless there is aproblem. i especially do not want anyone but my family touching the baby until at least an hour after she/he is born.

anyway, just wanted to introduce myself! im really excited!
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